Trees maintenance request

Please read this guide carefully before filling in this form.

Mansfield District Council is responsible for the management of trees on council owned parks, gardens, woodlands, public open spaces and countryside sites. 

To request maintenance for trees on Nottinghamshire Country Council Highways, please visit the County Council's website:

If the tree is on private property please do not contact us but instead contact the landowner.

If you are reporting a dangerous tree, branch or situation involving a tree please telephone: 
Monday to Friday 9.00am until 5.00pm - 01623 463463 or evening and weekends - 01623 463050

If you believe roots from a council owned tree are causing damage, please complete a claim using our insurance form.


MDC will normally agree to:

  • Remove trees or branches that pose a significant risk
  • Maintain statutory height limits above the road and footways
  • Clear growth that is obscuring street lights and signs
  • Prune to clear growth that is in contact with your property (if reasonably beyond the scope of the resident to remedy the problem)


MDC do not normally agree to prune or fell trees, however each situation will be assessed on its own merits: 

  • In cases of loss of light or shading – including solar & photovoltaic cells
  • Because of leaf litter (including fruit and twigs)
  • For minor incursion caused by branches
  • To create or to reinstate views
  • Because of bird droppings or honey dew etc
  • Because of poor TV/Satellite reception
  • To clear telephone lines

What you can do yourself? 

You have the common law right to prune vegetation (including roots) that crosses your boundary so long as you observe the following:

  • Before carrying out any tree work it is your responsibility to ensure that there are no legal constraints such as Tree Preservation Orders or restrictions imposed within a Conservation Area. This can be checked by calling the Planning Services or visiting our planning pages.
  • You may only prune the vegetation back to your boundary and then only if the work done is not detrimental to the long term health or stability of the tree or shrub
  • You may not enter Council land or property to carry out the work or instruct others to do so on your behalf (this includes climbing the tree)
  • The work you carry out does not destroy or make the tree unsafe. Cutting major roots will affect the stability of a tree and you may be liable if an accident occurs. We will take legal action if it is considered a Council owned tree has been recklessly or maliciously damaged in this way
  • You should dispose of the cuttings responsibly, dumping them on Council land is unsightly and un-neighbourly and may constitute fly tipping


For more information, please read the Dangerous Trees Advice document.