The Noise App download

The Noise App download

The Noise App Service allows you a really simple means of capturing noise incidents and information for an Officer to assess, which will speed up our investigation.

Once downloaded you are ready to go, please ensure that you complete all fields on the noise app before you submit a recording, and in particular the GPS location as this will provide invaluable information if we are to investigate your complaint.  You are limited to 5 recordings per day. 

Your recordings will be submitted for approximately 14 days and will remain under the status of “Pending Review”.  Once there are enough recordings we will decide if your complaint warrants further investigation. If your recordings do not meet the criteria we will update you and inform you the reasons why.  We will also confirm this in writing to you.

If your recordings warrant further intervention they will be assigned to a Case Officer and the status on the App will be updated to “Under Investigation”.  You will be notified through the Noise App the name and contact of your Case Officer.

The Case Officer will now have direct access to your noise reports and this evidence can then be used to assist them in the investigation, and potentially used as evidence in court if necessary.

Please only record noise which you feel is affecting the use and enjoyment of your property, not just that you can hear the noise and it is annoying.

Please use the message box to indicate to us how the noise is affecting you at the time of your recording.

Please only record from rooms where the noise affects your enjoyment of them i.e, bedroom for sleeping at night, living room to relax and watch television from.  It is unlikely that noise nuisance could be proved from a kitchen or bathroom as these are not considered areas where you are likely to spend a lot of time in.

Please confirm that you have read and understood the above guidance. Required
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