General election

On 31 October 2019, Parliament passed legislation to have a parliamentary general election on 12 December 2019.

Important dates during the election are:

  • Candidates who wish to stand in the Mansfield constituency can collect nomination packs from 8 November 2019
  • Nomination papers can be delivered from 11 November 2019
  • Last day for delivery of Nomination papers is 4pm 14 November 2019
  • A statement of candidates who are standing in the Mansfield Constituency will be published by 15 November
  • Last day to register to vote is 26 November 2019
  • Last day to request a postal vote or change an existing postal vote is 26 November 2019
  • Last day to request a proxy vote is 4 December 2019
  • Polling Day is 12 December 2019 7am to 10pm.

View the Notice of Election

All information during the election will be entered onto this page.

Mansfield MP

The Mansfield constituency has one MP at present.

See details of your MP on the Parliament website (opens in a new window)

The voting system

Each voter has one vote in the Mansfield constituency. The candidate with the most votes becomes the MP for that area. This voting system is called first past the post.

Usually, the political party with the most MPs then forms the government. However, two or more parties with a combined majority of MPs may form a coalition government.