Incubation Unit - Terms and Conditions

To Qualify

  • You must be deemed to be a new trader. A new trader is someone who has not stood on Mansfield Market within the 12 months prior to their application for a unit.  Consideration may be given to applicants who do not fall into this definition at the discretion of the management. An incubation unit is only for traders selling the top 20 lines chosen by Market Management (please find the list attached) or for a product that is not already represented on the market.


  • Incubation units will not be allowed to sell identical goods already available on the market.


  • You must only sell one line/product per unit.


  • You are only entitled to one incubation unit as part on the scheme.  However, an extra market stall can be rented via the Market Management.


  • An outline Business Plan must be submitted prior to commencement of trading, a template will be available to assist with production of the plan.


  • Only one member of any family (living at the same address) will be granted an incubation unit.


  • You will be entitled to trade for free for 3 months, then 25% rent for months 4-6, 50% rent for months 7-9 and 75% rent for months 10 – 12.   


  • If you require electric to operate your business there will be a separate charge to the above which will be calculated on usage.


  • You will be subject to the terms and conditions that are contained within the Traders Handbook and the conditions and penalties below.