Taxi licensing

We are responsible for licensing of the following within the Mansfield district:

  • Private Hire Operators
  • Private Hire Vehicles
  • Hackney Carriage Vehicles
  • Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Vehicle Drivers.

Compulsory checks

You can have confidence in using taxis licensed by us. We do the following compulsory checks:

  • All Mansfield District Council licensed drivers are required to complete an annual driving licence check with the DVLA to ensure they hold a full valid licence to drive, as well as a DVLA Group 2 medical examination to ensure they are fit enough to drive.
  • The Immigration Act 2016 now places a requirement on all local licensing authorities to perform right to work checks on all new driver applications it receives.
  • Mansfield District Council and Nottinghamshire Police require all drivers to attend a safeguarding course which helps drivers identify vulnerable groups and how to report any incidents involving such groups.
  • To reassure the public and provide them with confidence whilst using vehicles we license all drivers are required to display their driver's badge in a prominent place and provide their details upon request.
  • As an additional safeguarding measure, we annually check a drivers DBS certificate.
  • It is an essential requirement that all drivers undertake and pass a local knowledge test.

Regulatory Point Scheme

We operate a Regulatory Point Scheme for any offence or breach of condition by licensed drivers, vehicles and operators.

If a licence holder receives more than twelve penalty points within twelve months, they will be referred to a licensing panel. The panel may issue a warning, suspend or revoke a licence, depending on the circumstances.

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy

Transportation of babies and young children

For information about when a child can travel without a car seat, see the guidelines on the website (opens in new window).

Drivers should also be aware that a child's pushchair should not be treated as a wheelchair and never be loaded into a taxi containing a child. Children should be removed from the pushchair and depending on their age be transported in the most appropriate travel seat. A child's pushchair should never be secured in a similar way to a wheelchair.

Section 33 of the Council's Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Specification document states:

A sign is required in the passenger section of the vehicle stating: "Warning: It is unsafe to carry children in pushchairs in this vehicle. Please remove your child from the pushchair before the taxi moves off."