Taxi Drivers' Forum and Representative Group

Taxi Drivers' Forum

The Taxi Drivers' Forum is a platform for taxi representatives and Licensing Officers to openly discuss Hackney Carriage and Private Hire services updates and is an opportunity for drivers to raise any concerns they may have.

Representatives are encouraged to attend on behalf of drivers and need to notify the Licensing Officers of any questions they would like to ask at a forum meeting beforehand.

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Taxi Representative Group

As a group the Taxi Representative Group (TRG) will be responsible for co-ordinating meetings to enable the trade to raise and discuss any issues or feedback. Where appropriate, the TRG will also be responsible for co-ordinating and formulating any relevant views to be put forward to the Licensing Authority.

Whilst we are unable to chair the meetings, we can facilitate meetings by offering rooms (subject to availability) to enable the TRG to meet and discuss relevant items. In order to do this we would need at least five working days notice of the time and date of the meeting. We may also be able to facilitate your meetings by sending a representative where deemed appropriate and in order to do this, we would need sight of the proposed agenda at least ten working days before any meeting. 

The details of the current representatives who form part of the TRG are:

  • Mr Jim Day Tel: 07772 859876
  • Mr Jamie Germain Tel:  07717 174831
  • Mr Christopher Riley Tel: 07740 587358
  • Mr Gareth Corden Tel: 07426 777079
  • Mr Edwin Bryan Tel: 07411 709053
  • Mr Wolfgang Hewitt Tel: 07512 363667
  • Mr Robert Corden Tel: 07578 051124.