Licensable Houses in Multiple Occupation

Landlords of certain houses in multiple occupation must obtain a licence and to manage the premises within conditions specified on that licence. We carry out safety inspections and issues licences for homes of multiple occupancy.

A landlord must have a licence for a privately-rented House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) if it meets the following criteria:

  • any amount of storeys (including usable basements or attics)
  • is occupied by five or more people
  • those people form two or more households, and
  • tenants share some amenities (for example, kitchen, bathroom or laundry).

For more information please see DASH Guidance on Houses in Multiple Occupation A Landlords Guide (opens in a new window) [771KB]

What should I do if I think a property should be licensed but isn’t?

You can check with us to see if it's already been licensed, or simply tell us the address and other information you think is useful.

We will treat the information in complete confidence.

For further information or advice please contact us or email

Please click on the related content link to:-

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