Disabled Facilities Grants

The disabled facilities grant can help towards the cost of adapting your home so you can live independently.

What can the grant be used for?

The grant can cover many different types of adaptations including:

  • Wet rooms.
  • Stairlifts.
  • Hoists.
  • Bedroom/bathroom extensions.

Am I eligible?

You can claim if you:

  • own the property and are disabled, or
  • are a landlord and your tenant is disabled.

You must also certify that you, or your tenant, intend to live at the property throughout the grant period - currently five years.

How much will I get?

We will need to carry out a financial check to decide the amount you will be paid. This will look at your average weekly income and your outgoings. It takes into account any savings you may have above a certain limit, but not benefits such as Disability Living Allowance or Income Support.

There are no financial checks for families of disabled children under 19.

If you do receive the disabled facilities grant it will not affect any other benefits you currently receive.

How to apply

Contact Nottinghamshire County Council (opens in a new window) on 0300 500 8080 to request an assessment by an Occupational Therapist.

This assessment will look at what equipment or adaptations will make it easier for you to live independently.

For extensive adaptations, the financial means test will be carried out and you will be made aware of this during your assessment.

The grant will be considered once an occupational therapy referral is sent to us.