Advice for landlords

Advice on housing standards

It's important for landlords to meet required standards and make sure those standards are maintained. Regular, good-quality maintenance of the property reduces the costs that will arise from long-term neglect and deterioration, and will help to attract and keep tenants.

The accommodation should be safe and suitable for use at the start of a tenancy and the landlord should continue to keep those standards.

Good management of the property by the landlord includes making sure that the behaviour of the tenants does not have a harmful impact on the immediate neighbours or the wider area. For example, noise and accumulations of rubbish can be big causes of concern for local residents.

Where properties fail to meet the required standards, the local council will liaise with landlords or managing agents to carry out necessary works. Where landlords or managing agents fail to cooperate with the local council, then the council may take enforcement action. Further information can be found at the Dash Services website (opens in a new window).