Apply for housing

We can offer a variety of ways to help you find a suitable home within Mansfield. However, as there is a high demand for our council properties you will have to meet certain criteria before you can apply for a council or housing association property.

Homefinder is the lettings partnership between the Mansfield and Ashfield district councils and housing associations in both districts.

Most people will need to have a local connection to the Mansfield or Ashfield areas to register with our Homefinder service. Please check our local connection guidelines to see if you qualify to join the Housing Register.

To be eligible to bid for a social housing property you first need to register online by visiting the Homefinder website.

When your application has been registered you will receive your unique six digit reference number. You can then start bidding on properties that have been advertised and for which you are eligible.

Medical and Welfare information can now be completed online by updating your Homefinder application and any supporting information can be uploaded on your Homefinder account homepage.

Properties are advertised on the Homefinder website every Wednesday morning and you can place a bid right through to the following Monday night.

If you are offered accommodation, you will need to upload your eligibility and affordability documentation on your Homefinder application on your Homefinder account.

It is beneficial to all applicants to ensure an email address is linked to your Homefinder application so we can contact you about your application.

Homeless applications

An online Homeless Triage form is available for all applicants who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. If you are already registered on Homefinder this form will appear on your homepage at the bottom of the page.

If you are not registered with Homefinder and want to make a homeless application, you will need to start your Homefinder application form in order to access the Homeless Triage Form, which will appear once you have competed the first two pages of the Homefinder application. Please do not complete this form unless you are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

For more details regarding Homefinder, please visit the Homefinder website.