Street naming and numbering

Anyone wishing to name a street is required to give notice of the proposed name to the council.

If you are building new, or converting existing residential, commercial or industrial premises which will result in the creation of new properties or premises, you will need to make an application.

You can also apply to make amendments to previously approved addresses.

How to apply

Complete and return your application along with an approved plan indicating the streets to be named (if applicable) and the properties to be numbered. All applications should be accompanied by the appropriate fee.

You can make a debit or credit card payment over the phone by calling 01623 463063.

We will try to deal with all applications for street naming and numbering within 20 working days.

Change of property details application form (opens in a new window)

Multi address application form (opens in a new window)

What we do next

Royal Mail will not issue a new postcode for a new street or property unless they are asked by us. When we receive your application and fee we apply to the Post Office for you, registering the new properties and asking for a postcode.

When we receive the postcodes we will inform you and the statutory bodies of the properties and/or street names for inclusion in their property databases.

After this any postcodes issues should be directed to the Royal Mail and any problems or enquiries on mail delivery should be made to them by calling 0845 604 5060.

Choosing a new street name

Developers or occupiers can propose new street names for consideration. However all suggestions must follow our policies, which are:

  • Street names should not be duplicated within the district.
  • Streets should not be named after people or commercial organisations unless specifically approved by our planning committee (please ask for further details).
  • Offensive names should not be used.
  • Names that may be confusing should be avoided.

We will suggest names if you do not have any already in mind.

Street nameplate repairs

If you would like a damaged street nameplate repairing or replacing, please contact us on 01623 463463 or via email at