Comment on a planning application

How will I know if an application has been made?

You may receive a letter or see a site notice telling you that an application has been made. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be informed in either way about every proposal that may interest you. Other ways of finding out include:

How do I comment?

To comment on a planning application, you need to do so in writing, within the deadlines given in the publicity notices. Comments received outside these deadlines but before a decision has been reached will also be considered.

You can do this by:

Your views

Say what you think, as plainly as possible. By law, we can only consider comments on relevant planning matters. Topics such as loss of views, property values or personal disputes with the applicant would not be taken in to account.

Your details

You should be aware that your letter will be seen by other people, including the applicant. All letters received are open to public inspection on the register and through our online planning applications system (opens in a new window). This means that your address will be displayed on our website as a formal consultee on the planning application.

Speaking at committee

The Planning Applications Committee is a public meeting which anyone can attend. If you wish to speak at the committee, please visit our Questions at meetings page for information on what you need to do.


To find out how decisions are made go to our How applications are dealt with page.