Friends groups

Friends Groups are made up of volunteers who work with our parks team to improve and maintain their local green spaces, whilst making new friends, supporting the local community and enjoying the great outdoors.

Volunteers are involved in a range of activities from litter picking, bulb and tree planting to fundraising, organising fun days and events. Most of the groups work closely with schools and play an important part in encouraging children and young people to take an active interest in horticulture and conservation.

Friends groups across the district

The Friends of Berry Hill Park

Long established group of hard working committed local volunteers helping Mansfield District Council to look after and enhance the experience of Berry Hill Park. As well as the creation and maintenance of Berry Hill Park Community Orchard.

The Friends of the Carrs 

One of the largest and longest established groups, these volunteers are passionate about one of the districts' most idyllic beauty spots in Warsop.

The Friends of Carr Bank Park

A small group who help to care for and promote this well-known town centre park.

The Friends of Fisher Lane Park

This group of local residents work hard to promote their local facilities including the historical value of the nearby Rock Houses.

The Friends of Forest Road Park 

These motivated volunteers are focused on improving, preserving and enhancing the bio-diversity of their park.

The Friends of the Hermitage

A small, family run group who help to look after the Hermitage Local Nature Reserve, next to the Kings Mill Reservoir.

The Friends of the Hornby Plantation

One of the smallest groups, these volunteers are committed to maintaining this little known urban woodland and park in Mansfield Woodhouse.

The Friends of Yeoman Hill Park

An established group of hard working and committed volunteers who are instrumental in maintaining the park's Green Flag Award.

The Forest Town Nature Conservation Group

Caring for Rushpool Open Space in partnership with the Sherwood Forest Trust. Visit the Forest Town Nature Conservation Group website (opens in new window) for more information.

The Maun Conservation Group

A passionate, skilled and knowledgeable group who actively care for the Oakham and Quarry Lane Local Nature Reserves. The group work closely with local primary schools and help to maintain Titchfield Park's Green Flag Award. Visit the Maun Conservation Group website (opens in new window) for more information.

Pleasley Community Orchard Friends Group

​This group work closely together to maintain the Pleasley Community Orchard. Visit the Pleasley Community Orchard Friends Group website (opens in new window) for more information.

Peafield Community Association

A small, established group who help us to care for Peafield Park and Whinney Hill Woodland. 

Get involved

We are keen to hear from people who would like to help us look after our parks. If you are interested in becoming a member of a friends group, please call us on 01623 463463 for further information.