Allotments offer a wide range of recreational, community and environment benefits. We provide, manage and maintain allotment sites for those interested in allotment gardening.

Allotments sites are located at:


  • Brougham Avenue, Mansfield
  • Bellamy Road, Mansfield
  • Water Lane, Mansfield
  • Shaftesbury Avenue, Mansfield
  • Ravensdale (Hibbert Road) , Mansfield
  • Sherwood Rise (Debdale Rise), Mansfield
  • Forest Road, Mansfield.

Mansfield Woodhouse

These plots are managed and administered by the Mansfield Woodhouse Garden Holders Association.

  • Birding Street, Mansfield Woodhouse
  • Kingsley Avenue, Mansfield Woodhouse
  • Longyards, Mansfield Woodhouse
  • Northfield, Mansfield Woodhouse
  • Park Hall Road, Mansfield Woodhouse
  • Priory Road, Mansfield Woodhouse
  • Whinney Hill, Mansfield Woodhouse.

Apply for a plot

Costs for full and half allotment plots can be found on our Fees and Charges. To register for a plot, please call us on 01623 463292.

Don’t want to commit to a full plot? We also offer half plots which are ideal for people who want allotments but find the full plots are too much to cope with or too time consuming.

Further information can be found in our allotment strategy document.

Will we help you with your allotment?

We will clear overgrown allotments, if necessary, before they are rented out. We are also responsible for treating Japanese knotweed if it is found on any allotment sites.

More information about Japanese knotweed can be found on the Royal Horticultural Society website (link opens in a new window).