Photography and filming in the Mansfield district

Photography and filming on our land

For professional photography and filming on our land, the operator must request permission beforehand, show us a copy of their Public Liability Insurance and provide a risk assessment where necessary.

If the filming is of a political nature, you are not permitted to film it in any Mansfield District Council building or land. However, you are able to film on the highway or on public land.

For advice and to request permission, please email our Public Relations team at

Flying drones

We do not have a drone policy but our requirements are that as a minimum, the operator must show us their Drone Flying Licence, accreditation and ask for permission beforehand.

All operators must hold the following:

  • A current and valid CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) ‘Permission for Commercial Operations’ (PFCO) licence.
  • Evidence of valid insurance cover with a minimum of £5million cover.
  • A risk assessment for the proposed flight.
  • A method statement outlining what equipment will be used.
  • A flight plan outlining where flying is proposed.
  • All drone operations must be conducted strictly in accordance with CAA legislation and regulations.

There are a number of legal height limits, distances from people, and areas where you must not fly, including:

  • Your drone or model aircraft must never be more than 120m (400ft) from the closest point of the earth’s surface.
  • You must keep a minimum horizontal distance of 50m between your drone or model aircraft and people. Sometimes, you’ll need to increase the 50m minimum distance from people to make sure that your flight remains safe.
  • Never fly over people who are crowded together, no matter what size of drone or model aircraft you have.
  • Keep at least 150m away from residential, recreational, commercial and industrial areas.
  • Stay well away from airports, airfields, spaceports and aircraft.
  • Always check for restrictions and hazards before you fly.
  • Get the right authorisation before flying outside this code.

For detailed information and guidance, visit the Civil Aviation Authority (opens in new window).

If you are interested in flying a drone, please get in touch with our Public Relations team at