Stay safe in taxis this Christmas


Mansfield District Council is issuing advice to revellers this Christmas about how best to stay safe when using taxis.

With many people using hackney carriage and private hire vehicles to get home after a festive celebrations, the council's Licensing team has produced a checklist of do's and don'ts.

It includes advice to avoid flagging down an unbooked private hire vehicle in the street.

Mariam Amos, Strategic Director at the council, said: "Many people may not realise that if they flag down an unbooked private hire vehicle, they won't be insured should that vehicle be involved in an accident".

"Always pre-book a private hire vehicle, preferably using a reputable app, website or by phone. The only taxis you should flag down in the street, are licensed hackney carriages."

In Mansfield, this type of taxi is a black, wheel-chair accessible vehicle or black and white saloon car. They all have a licensed vehicle plate attached to the rear of the vehicle or will be parked up in one the town's official taxi ranks.

Ranks in Mansfield can be found at Clumber Street, Queen Street, Quaker Way and Rosemary Street

The council is also advising customers that it is illegal for hackney carriages to refuse short fares. Hackney carriages must charge no more than what is on their meters.

Fees for private hire vehicles, which do not display a meter, are not set by the council. It is best practice to agree a fare prior to the commencement of the journey with the operator.

The council recommends that if any taxi driver breaks these rules or does not operate to defined standards, that customers take a note of the taxi licence number and driver number and send it to with details of their complaint. They can also call 01623 463181.

Published: December 5th 2019