Council set to adopt ambitious strategy for Mansfield

Mansfield District Council, Corporate priorities, growth, wellbeing, aspiration, place

Mansfield District Council is set to adopt a long term strategy that would shape the authority's priorities for the next decade.

Executive Mayor Andy Abrahams yesterday (13 November) approved a recommendation that the Full Council, at its meeting on 19 November, adopt the Making Mansfield: Towards 2030 strategy, which provides a framework for the delivery of council services

The strategy focuses on four themes: Place, Growth, Aspiration and Wellbeing, which cut across the delivery of all council services. It would replace the council's Corporate Plan. It has been developed by members of the council's Corporate Leadership Team and aims to reflect changes in the district over the past decade.

The council's CEO, Hayley Barsby, said: "Those changes have resulted in some significant challenges going forward and this important strategy will put Mansfield is a good position to face those and make the authority even more fit for the 21st century.

"We want to  grow an ambitious, vibrant and confident place that people here can be proud of and where they will want to live and invest in as a matter of choice. We want Mansfield to be a flourishing place where people are healthy and happy and where there is opportunity for people to achieve and succeed."

 Place priorities

 • Create and communicate a positive image of Mansfield

• Preserve, enhance and promote the district's natural environment and physical assets

• Improve the town centre experience for residents, visitors and businesses

• Create a positive cultural and leisure experience for residents and visitors

• Create an infrastructure that supports and enhances the quality of life for residents.

 Growth priorities

 • Develop the district's infrastructure to embrace technology and technological advances

• Create employment opportunities that are aligned to meet future requirements

• Develop a better and wider mix of housing across the district to meet the needs and aspirations of existing and potential need

• Develop and sustain local businesses and encourage national and regional businesses to invest in the area.

 Wellbeing priorities

 • Create an environment where people lead healthy lifestyles and opportunities to be physically active

• Support and encourage people to make healthy choices 

• Support a good quality of life for those who live and work here

• Understand and respond to the needs of communities and be advocates for support and intervention.

Aspiration priorities

• Encourage people to achieve their true potential

• Build confidence within communities so that they have more control and influence over what happens in their area

• Create opportunities for learning, development and achievement for all.

• Ensure local people have clear aspirational pathways into local employment.



Published: November 14th 2019