Site update from Berry Hill 9 November 2019

Today work started to clear the debris following the mudslip on Thursday evening in Bank End Close.

In order to allow safe access in and out of the site a temporary controlled road closure has been introduced at the roundabout where King’s Walk meets Stone Bank.

The debris and soil is being removed and temporarily stored at the council’s compound at Brownlow Road.

The council is working with contractors to clear the spoil from the gardens, remove vegetation and to put in place temporary additional safety measures. These will be in the form of concrete blocks to help mitigate the risks to property from any potential further fall of materials.

Once the temporary safety measures are in place, the council will re-evaluate the structure of the cliff face and develop a longer term plan for stabilising the area.

We have contacted affected residents on an individual basis to make appropriate arrangements to collect personal belongings and to provide accommodation where it is needed.

We’d like to thank all affected households for their co-operation during the evacuation and to the local businesses and residents for their support during this challenging time.

Published: November 9th 2019