Mansfield District Council update on Berry Hill Quarry

The council’s structural and geological experts have been onsite today to make an assessment on the damage created by yesterday’s mudslip at the former Berry Hill Quarry.

UPDATE AS AT 6.37pm on Friday 8 November 

Bank End Close 

  • Residents in four properties in Bank End Close may return to their homes.
  • Residents in 12 homes in Bank End Close will remain evacuated and we will make further arrangements to allow them access to their homes to collect essential items. This will be facilitated by our onsite safety team. Residents will be contacted about this individually. 

All affected residents will receive a call from our Housing Needs team to help find temporary and emergency accommodation for those who need it. Other people may choose to stay for a short while with family and friends. Roston Close Community Centre is open as a rest centre for affected residents. There is kitchen and seating available serving hot drinks.

Stone Bank

7 properties are still evacuated on Stone Bank. 
9 properites can now be accessed by the owners or tenants.
Contractors are onsite now assessing whether residents can return to their homes. Residents will be contacted as soon as possible. 

Onsite activity

  • We will attempt to start site clearing as soon as possible. 
  • Mudslip debris clearance will commence from some houses in Bank End Close.  This will start on Saturday 9 November. This will take a couple of days to clear. 
  • Once this area is cleared, our contractors will undertake devegetation of the cliff top and cliff face. Concrete impact barriers will be installed to improve temporary stability. This may take up to two weeks to complete. A more permanent solution will then be sought for the cliff face and cliff top. 

The council is taking action regarding all affected properties. 

Further information will be given on our social media feeds and website. 



Published: November 8th 2019