Making a difference to health of Mansfield residents

Photo of partner organisations at the Mansfield Health Partnership launch

Executive Mayor of Mansfield Andy Abrahams has today launched the Mansfield Health Partnership with the support of county-wide agencies responsible for wellbeing across Nottinghamshire.

In his welcome the Mayor said: “This partnership gives us all the chance to tackle health inequalities and make a difference to the wellbeing of people in Mansfield.”

The event, organised by the district council, brought together Active Notts, Nottinghamshire County Council, Public Health, Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the School Sports Partnership and other agencies that give direct help and support to residents in the district, including Nottinghamshire Police and Mansfield CVS.

“The purpose of the partnership is for us all to work together and bring about positive outcomes for Mansfield. As a district council we cannot do this alone, but together we can improve the health and wellbeing for the people who live here,” said the Mayor.

The partnership has been launched as a direct result of the recommendations made by the Healthy Mansfield Commission - a Mayoral Commission founded by the former Executive Mayor, Kate Allsop.

The work of the commission and the production of its report was led by Les Marshall, a local business person and former district councillor. Mr Marshall was acknowledged and thanked at the event for his contribution.

Invited guests heard from John Wilcox and Jonathan Gribbin, Public Health leads on the programme from Nottinghamshire County Council, who both spoke about why place matters when it comes to wellbeing.

“Good health is a resource in individuals and communities that enables people to meet their potential in life,” said Jonathan Gribbin, Director of Public Health. 

“Income, employment and built environment can all impact on a person’s overall health along with social and behavioural factors.”

Mr Gribbin added: “Healthy places can develop when the root causes of health inequalities are addressed and this needs to be done at a population, community and individual level. The Health Partnership brings the right organisations together to address these issues in Mansfield.”

The next step for the partnership is to transform their strategy into action and set out a long-term plan to address health and wellbeing issues in Mansfield. It is due to hold its first meeting before the end of the year.

Published: October 3rd 2019