Mansfield Mayor remains optimistic for the future

Mansfield’s Executive Mayor, Andy Abrahams continues to be optimistic for the future as the government announces that the town will not be receiving £25 million from the Future High Streets Fund.

In a letter to the Mayor, the Secretary of State for Housing Communities and Local Government confirmed that although the bid had met the gateway criteria, the assessment concluded that the business case didn’t meet the minimum thresholds. 

The competitive process was opened up to 100 towns across the country and Mansfield along with Coalville were the only two original areas in the East Midlands to be invited to apply for the funding.

Mayor Andy said “It is very disappointing to learn that Mansfield has been unsuccessful. We felt that we had a strong case for investment. I had hoped that the Government’s levelling up campaign truly meant that disadvantaged areas such as Mansfield would be helped to recover from years of under investment.

“The £25 million is very much needed in our district and had been earmarked to meet the Future High Streets Funding priorities including to provide 35 new student accommodation units and support the town’s aspiration to become a university town, to bring derelict and empty properties back into use, to create 110 residential properties in town and to re-imagine the market place to make Mansfield a more vibrant Town once again. It is a huge blow for the local economy and local people.

“However, residents and businesses should remain confident for the future of the district. All is not lost. We are hopeful for a successful outcome of our Town’s Fund application for economic regeneration of the district to support the levelling up of the area and we are in the process of developing a town centre masterplan which sets out ambitions for the future of Mansfield. We are determined that we will see investment in the area even if the Government have not supported us through the Future High Streets Funding.”

Last week ARBA confirmed three popular business chains joining their hotel development at Stockwell Gate North which is a flagstone development for Mansfield. £1m has also been secured to create pocket parks in the town. 

Mayor Andy said “The ARBA development demonstrates confidence from the private sector. It is important that we soldier on, be innovative and continue to plan for a vibrant future for Mansfield district.” 

Find out more on the Future High Streets Fund on the Government website Future High Streets Fund page (opens in new window).

Published: December 28th 2020