Advice on business closures and keeping people safe

A photo of outside the Museum and Palace Theatre

Mansfield District Council will be helping to ensure that all non-essential business premises remain closed following new restrictions by the government to help reduce spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Businesses and venues affected by the national closure instruction cover all non-essential retail, including hair and beauty salons, nightclubs, car showrooms, camp sites and places of worship, among others.

Exceptions to this ruling are shops selling food and drink, outlets selling takeaway food, hardware shops, post offices, medical services and pharmacies, bike shops, petrol stations, launderettes and banks.

A more detailed list of which businesses are exempt and can open and those which should be closed can be found on the website (opens in new window).

David Evans, Head of Health and Communities at the council, said: "Customers can also still buy online and we encourage people to do this.

"We hope businesses will stick to these restrictions as it is vitally important they support national efforts to keep people safe. This will save lives and help to protect our NHS from being overloaded." 

For businesses able to continue operating, staff should work at home wherever possible. Employers and the self-employed who can remain working MUST follow government instructions on how to operate in order to keep staff and customers safe. 

These instructions can be found on the guidance for employers and employees section of the website (opens in new window).

If people suspect a business is breaking the closure rules or if a business or a self-employed person fails to protect their employees or customers by not following government instructions on keeping people safe, they can be reported to the council's Environmental Health team at 01623 463463 or by emailing

Published: March 25th 2020