Mayor welcomes Mansfield’s new MP

Mayor Andy 2023
Executive Mayor Andy Abrahams

Mansfield’s Executive Mayor Andy Abrahams and Chief Executive Adam Hill have congratulated the newly elected MP for Mansfield Steve Yemm.

The result of the General Election ballot for the Mansfield Constituency was announced today.

The results were (in alphabetical order):

Bilas, Zen – Independent, 85

Bradley, Ben – Conservatives, 12,563

Dean, Peter – Socialist Labour Party, 423

Milligan, Wesley – Independent, 335

Seymour, Karen – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, 123

Sheilds, Phil – The Green Party, 1,326

Warnes, Matthew – Reform UK, 9,385

Wyatt, Michael – Liberal Democrats, 799

Yemm, Steve – Labour Party, 16,048 (ELECTED)

The turnout for the ballot, from an electorate of 74,535, was 55%. The total number of verified papers from polling stations was 29,198 and the total number of verified papers from postal vote openings was 12,008. The total number of ballot papers verified was 41,206. A total of 114 ballot papers were rejected.

The results were announced by Returning Officer for Mansfield and the council’s CEO, Adam Hill, who said afterwards: “I would like to thank everyone who helped support this General Election ballot.

“It was a well-run and organised election arranged at very short notice by our Elections team. There has been lots of praise from the public and those working on the election for how Mansfield delivered their part in it.

“We also welcome Steve Yemm and we look forward to working with him as our MP for Mansfield.”

Mayor Andy Abrahams said: “The council sends warmest congratulations to Steve Yemm who I am sure will be collaborating closely with us to help drive forward our ambitious agendas for a vibrant and more prosperous future for this district, its residents and businesses.

“We have a lot of projects ongoing and much work still to do. We look forward to working on these without delay both with Steve and the new government.”

Published: July 5th 2024