Get involved: Call for volunteers to join Friends of the Cemetery group

Mansfield cemetery

Do you want to get involved in helping to promote, raise awareness, and improve the green spaces at Mansfield Cemetery?

Friends’ groups work with Mansfield District Council to improve our parks and open spaces for our residents and visitors to enjoy. Groups are formed by volunteers who help care for a specific park or open space managed by the council, and there are currently 12 groups across the district, including Friends of Berry Hill Park, The Carrs, and Maun Conservation Group.

The council is now in the process of forming a Friends of Mansfield Cemetery group and is on the lookout for volunteers to join.

Once officially formed, the group will be able to tackle a number of projects, including improving the children’s area of the cemetery and identifying ways to access funding to restore monuments within the older sections of the cemetery.

Sarah Troman, Head of Neighbourhood Services, said: “Getting involved in a park Friends Group is a great way to meet new people, improve your wellbeing, gain practical skills, and get involved with the local community.

“Friends groups can express park users’ opinions and suggest ideas for improving their park or open space to the council. They can also organise community events, litter picking days, carry out planting activities, and apply for funding and grants.

“All residents are welcome to join a Friends Group or help set up one. I look forward to seeing improvements and community spirit come together for the benefit of all visitors at Mansfield Cemetery.”

To be registered, there must be volunteers, an inaugural meeting must be held, a constitution must be agreed upon, and a committee must be elected.

Maria Bough is spearheading the group formation on behalf of Mansfield District Council.

She said: “I have been involved in various aspects of the cemetery development over the years. I was chair at the charity Shattered Dreams, and following the death of my daughter Katie Jo, you realise that families want a special place to lay their children and babies to rest. So, I helped in the development of the children's cemetery garden you see today.

“The Mansfield cemetery has great historical value to our town and heritage. There is a lot we can learn about who is buried there and their historical importance to our town. It could, and I would hope for it, to be a centre of excellence for local educational knowledge.

“For example, the cemetery contains 51 war graves from World War One and 45 from World War Two. As part of the Friends group, we would look to involve the War Graves Commission to give these soldiers resting places the love and honour they deserve.

“The Friends of Mansfield Cemetery could also become a trailblazer for other local cemeteries in the district. It is hoped that we can work together to bring all areas up to a standard we can be proud of and demonstrate to the deceased that they still matter.

“If you think you can bring a positive, proactive feel as well as constructive elements to our meetings, then please join us.”

If you want to join the Friends of Mansfield Cemetery group, please call Maria on 07771 333198 or email, using Mansfield Cemetery Group as the email subject line.

The next meeting of the group will take place at Mansfield Crematorium on Tuesday 16 April, 6.30pm.

For more information, please see our full list of Friends groups,

Published: April 3rd 2024