Council property adaptation

If you are a disabled tenant or someone living with you is disabled and you require your property to be adapted in some way, you may qualify for assistance.

We offer assistance to people with a disability to make it easier for them to continue to live in their home and maintain their independence

The adaptation can be very simple, such as an extra stair rail or more complex like a stair lift. We organise all the work to be carried out.

We have a waiting list and prioritise applications so that the most urgent cases are dealt with quickly.

If your home needs a lot of adaptations, a move to a more suitable property may be appropriate.

To be eligible you must be registered as disabled with us or meet the criteria for registration.

You will need to have had an assessment from an occupational therapist at Nottinghamshire County Council to see what adaptations are needed. A recommendation is then required from them in order for us to complete the adaptation.

To book an assessment, please contact Nottinghamshire County Council.