Licensing Committee

The Licensing Committee meet approximately four times a year and agrees overall licensing policy. They make decisions on applications for:

The Licensing Panel is held when:

  • licensing applications are submitted
  • reviews of licences or,
  • the change of a licence.

Members of the Licensing Committee and Panel

Councillor Coxhead was elected Chair of the Committee for 2019/20 at the Annual Council on 21 May 2019. 

Members of this committee include:

  • Councillor S. Anderson - Conservative
  • Councillor S. Bodle – MIF
  • Councillor M. Bradshaw - Labour
  • Councillor B. Drewett - MIF
  • Councillor B. Lohan - Labour
  • Councillor A. Norman – Labour
  • Councillor J. Smart - Labour
  • Councillor D. Smith – MIF
  • Councillor A. Tristram – MIF
  • Councillor S. Walker – MIF.

Licensing Committee decisions

See meetings, agendas and minutes for decisions made by the Licensing Committee and Licensing Panel.