Housing publications

Our housing service performance and publications set out our responsibilities as a social landlord and details how we strive to deliver high quality services.

Service standards

We aim to provide an excellent service to our tenants.

To help us achieve this we have produced a series of service standards that make it clear what you can expect from us and can be used to measure our performance.

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These standards have been developed in consultation with staff and tenants.

We check that we are meeting these standards by carrying out spot checks and regular inspections, asking for your feedback through questionnaires and monitoring the complaints we receive about our service.

We report our performance against the standards in our annual report for tenants.


We have a number of policies and procedures, which set out how we deliver our services.

When we create a new policy or review an existing one, we talk to customers and staff to gain feedback. This is so our policies meet required needs. We also work with other authorities on joint projects such as sustainable heating and energy improvements.

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We have a number of priorities and legal requirements that relate to housing, homelessness and supporting people in their homes. A number of strategies have been developed to help us to deliver these priorities and legal duties.

Our strategic housing documents have been developed using comprehensive research to help set our priorities.

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