Local Housing Allowance payments

Housing Benefit will normally be paid into your bank account every two weeks.

If you do not have a bank account or would like advice on how to open one there are organisations who can help including the Citizens Advice Bureau (opens in new window) and The Money Advice Service (opens in new window).

We have a direct payments policy (opens in new window) which will help tenants who do not responsibly pay the money over to their landlord, helps to protect vulnerable tenants and ensure that the tenancy can continue.

Can we pay your landlord?

We recognise that there are circumstances where it may not be appropriate to pay the tenant, these include:

  • Where the tenant has eight weeks rent arrears or more.
  • Where the tenant is having deductions being taken from their Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance (income based), Employment and Support Allowance to pay off rent arrears.
  • Where the tenant is unlikely to pay.
  • Where the tenant is unable to manage their affairs.

If you would like us to consider making payments to your landlord, complete and return the Pay a landlord direct request form (opens in new window).

Evidence will need to be provided to support your application as payments will only be made to the landlord if there is good cause.

We look at each case individually and any decisions to make landlord payments will be subject to review.