Nutrition tips

Helpful tips

Tip 1

Choose whole grain pasta or brown rice.

Tip 2

If you are a snacker, especially while working from home, dried fruit and nuts are a more nutritious alternative than sweets and biscuits, and will help sustain energy for longer.

Tip 3

Tinned tomatoes and tomato paste can add great flavour to soups and stews.

Tip 4

Try weighing out staples such as rice and pasta to stay in control of portion sizes and wastage.

Tip 5

Don’t forget the fish. Oily fish such as tinned mackerel or tuna is high in omega fatty acids, which keeps your body and mind healthy.

Tip 6

Meat eaters can save cash by putting less in home cooked dishes and bulking out with favourite vegetables.

Tip 7

Challenge yourself once a week to make a meal out of what you already have in store at home. Raid the cupboards and see what you can create.

Tip 8

Produce your own takeaway or ‘fakeaway’ meals and save money as well as being healthier.

Tip 9

Rinse jars that contain cooking sauces, Marmite, Bovril and pesto jars with boiling water to use every last scrap.

Tip 10

Lidded saucepans boil faster and keep heat in, which will save energy and therefore money.