Healthy Options Takeaway

The Healthier Options Takeaway (HOT) merit is awarded to local businesses who pledge to offer healthier food options to their customers. We encourage businesses to provide healthier food options on their menus to promote a healthy lifestyle for their customers.

We have implemented a Healthier Options Takeaway (HOT) Merit Scheme with Nottinghamshire County Council and the other district councils in Nottinghamshire, where takeaway businesses can apply for a merit award if the business has a food hygiene rating of three or above and offers healthier food options.

Many takeaways already offer healthier food options whilst others may offer healthier options without realising it or promoting it. Businesses will be scored on how they already sell and promote healthier options and will be asked to make three new pledges to make changes to their menu or practices.

There are lots of simple steps businesses can make without compromising on taste, for example:

  • Offering to grill, bake, poach or steam food instead of frying it
  • Removing salt from tables and counters
  • Offering whole grain pasta, brown rice or whole grain bread
  • Offering a vegetable side or salad as part of a meal
  • Switching from double cream to single cream or yoghurt in recipes
  • Promoting water or low sugar drinks
  • Offering smaller portion size options for adults

The merit will last for two years (provided the business owner and the cuisine offered do not change and the food hygiene rating does not fall below three).

To find your nearest Healthier Options Takeaway check out the Healthier Options Takeaways directory (opens in new window).

How to apply

Apply to be a Healthy Options Takeaway (opens in new window)

For more information or support for applying for the award please contact us. There is no cost for applying for the merit.