Sign up for garden waste

Our Garden Waste Collection Service is £30 per year. The garden waste bin is 240 litres but if you need additional bins, you can have up to three extra for an additional cost of £15.50 per bin.

Please note that the contracted service year runs from April to March and is the same price no matter when you sign up so we always encourage signing up at the beginning of the service period to get the best value.

Collections are fortnightly from March to November and once in December. There will be no collections in January and February.

To ensure we can empty your bin please ensure:

  • Your bin is out for collection by 6am
  • Your bin is not overloaded and loosen any compacted waste to stop it sticking in the bin
  • Your bin is not contaminated with food, recycling or domestic household waste.

We are unable to collect any side waste and cannot make any extra collections. Please bear this in mind when refilling your bin.

Signing up and what to do next

Registration for the garden waste service is closed. You can sign up for the 2022-23 service in late February 2022.

If you’re an existing direct debit customer, you don’t need to do a thing, we’ll write to you to confirm your renewal. All other customers will need to sign up and pay.

The easiest way to pay is by annual direct debit or a one off payment by credit or debit card. The payment will be taken out of your bank on the 10th or 24th of the month you sign up. If you have previously paid at a PayPoint or Post Office with a personalised barcode and now wish to pay by card or direct debit, please disregard your barcode letter and sign up below.

To pay by cash or cheque, you will need to sign up and print off a voucher containing a barcode, or save it to your phone or device, and take this to a Post Office or PayPoint to make your payment.

In-cab technology tells our garden waste team who has paid so there’s no need to display a sticker, but you’ll need to put your house number clearly on your brown bin.

Your collection day

Check your bin day online

Ensure your brown bin is put out by 6am on the day of collection and you take the bin back in by 12pm the day after.

Ensure your bin lid is down and the bin is not overloaded or contaminated. Please don’t put garden waste in your green or blue bin.

Missed brown bin collections

Regrettably, due to the restraints on our resources and the need to provide resilience to the service in response to the current pandemic, we are currently unable to return for individual missed brown bins.

Whilst we would normally take side waste on your following collection to help with the build-up of waste, we are currently unable to ask staff to handle bags of waste as this puts them at a higher risk of infection.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Burning garden waste

We strongly discourage bonfires to get rid of your garden waste. Not only can bonfires cause unnecessary callouts for the Fire Service, smoke is also damaging to the environmental and can be harmful for neighbours, who may also consider it to be antisocial behaviour.

Please look into composting garden waste at the Recycle Me New website (opens in new window). For more information about bonfires and smoke control visit our pollution webpage.