Gambling Premises Licence

If you wish to provide gambling you will have to apply to the Gambling Commission for an operator's licence. A premises licence is also required from the local authority.

Premises licence

A premises licence is required for the following types of gambling:

  • casino
  • bingo
  • family entertainment centre
  • adult gaming centre
  • betting.

Apply for a licence

Before an application can be processed we require:

We will confirm that we have received both your application and fee. Once granted, a licence may be transferred or varied.

Provisional statement

It is a requirement of the Act that the applicant for a premises licence has a right to occupy the premises to which the application relates. Applicants are required to declare this within their application. If you do not have the right to occupy the premises, you may apply for a provisional statement rather than a premises licence.

An officer will visit the premises to ensure that the notice is displayed correctly at the premises. If the notice is not displayed correctly, the 28 days representation period will begin again from the date that the notice is displayed correctly.

A copy of the notice displayed in the local newspaper is to be sent to the licensing authority to prove compliance with the notice requirements.

There will be a 28-day representation period for responsible authorities and/or interested parties to raise any concerns in relation to the application. If no representations are received, the application is granted subject to conditions.

If any objections are received and not withdrawn following negotiation, the application will be determined by the Licensing Sub-Committee. If your application receives objections, officers will provide further advice on the hearing procedure.

If a premises licence has been granted, an annual fee will be payable 30 days after the grant of the licence and annually.  Failure to pay the annual fee will result in the revocation of your premises licence.


If the premises licence has lapsed you can make an application for reinstatement to us within six months by completing an application for the reinstatement of a premises licence.


You can appeal against a decision to Mansfield Magistrates' Court, within 21 days of receiving the decision notice.