Responsible dog ownership

The Your Dog, Your Responsibility campaign was created to remind dog owners across the district of their responsibilities when it comes to looking after the family pooch.

It highlights issues such as:

Hot dogs

Remember your dog's welfare this summer. Never leave a dog in a car on a warm day.

As the temperature outside soars so does the temperature inside your car, even with the windows down it could turn into a coffin. 220C outside could mean 470C inside your car.

Call the police if you see a dog inside a car on a hot or warm day.

For more information see the Kennel Clubs leaflet 'Dogs die in hot cars' (opens in new window).

Postal attacks

Postal staff have reported an increase in dog attacks in the warmer months especially in the summer holidays. If you have a dog, please follow the simple tips on the Post Office website (opens in new window) to help postal staff deliver mail safely.

School and community visits

The campaign team, made up of council officers and the campaign mascot Scoop, have attended numerous community events and schools. They work with people of all ages to highlight the importance of being a good owner.

If you're running an event or would like the team to speak to your group or school, please contact us.

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