Dog fouling

It is an offence to not clean up after your dog if it fouls in an open space.

Litter and dog waste bins are provided in many parks and public spaces. You can also put bagged dog waste in your household bin.

If you do not dispose of this waste in the correct way and are caught in the act, you could receive a fixed penalty notice of £100. If you are prosecuted or do not pay the initial fine, you face paying £1,000, in line with the Public Spaces Protection Order.

Report dog fouling

If you witness someone not clearing up after their dog, or to request dog mess clearance, you can contact us, report dog fouling using our online form or visit the Civic Centre.

Information we will need from you includes:

  • your full name
  • your full address including your postcode
  • your home telephone number and a number which we can contact you on during normal office hours if this is different
  • your email address (if applicable), 
  • details of the incident including the date and time, or days/times if the problem is recurring
  • please ensure the time given is as accurate as possible, eg between 5pm and 6pm so that enforcement patrols can be targeted accordingly
  • description of the dog owner/walker
  • description of the dog/s
  • name and address of the offender (if known).