Improvements to your council home

If you are a council tenant you have the right to make some types of home improvements at your own expense.

Improvements you will need permission for include:

  • Erecting any external satellite, radio or CB receiver.
  • Installing new flooring (for example, laminate flooring).
  • Changing kitchen or bathroom fittings.
  • Installing central heating.
  • Erecting a garage, car port or conservatory.
  • Putting in double glazing.
  • Anything that affects the gas, electricity or water supply to your home.
  • Any work which needs planning permission or building control approval.

Any communal areas around your homes such as gardens, drying areas, stairs and landing must not be altered.

You need to get written permission from us before you make any improvements or alterations to your home.

Please contact us to discuss any improvements you would like to make to your home.