Tell us that you are moving home

Tell us if you are moving into, within or out of Mansfield or you need to register for Council Tax.

Before you start

Check if your property is in the Mansfield District council area.

Find your local authority (opens in new window)

You will need to tell us.

If you were responsible for Council Tax at your old address and are moving within the Mansfield District.


If you're moving into Mansfield from another area, or if you weren't responsible for paying the council tax at your old address.


If you're moving out of Mansfield to another area, or you'll no longer be responsible for council tax at your new address.

You'll may need your:

  • landlord or agent's details and any joint tenant details if you are or have been or will be a tenant
  • solicitors and any joint owner’s details if you’re buying or selling the property.
  • bank details if you want to set up a direct debit to pay your Council Tax

Complete this Council Tax, change of address form.