What happens if I don't pay my Council Tax?

Summons and court orders

If you do not pay the amount shown on the reminder or final notice, we will apply to the magistrates court for a Liability Order. You will be issued with a summons for the amount you owe plus £70 costs. 

If payment is made in full before the court date the summons will be withdrawn. If you are unable to pay in full you should contact the Debt Recovery Team on 01623 463463 or email recovery@mansfield.gov.uk before the court date to discuss the payment options. It may be possible to enter into a payment arrangement with you but we will still apply for a Liability Order.

You do not have to attend the court hearing but you do have a right to appear if you have a valid defence.

Valid defences include:

  • the amount demanded has been paid,
  • the Council has not issued recovery notices in accordance with the Regulations, or
  • insolvency proceedings have commenced.

Reasons for non-payment such as financial hardship, documents not being received and discount, exemption or Council Tax Reduction entitlement disputes, cannot be raised as a defence and do not prevent a Liability Order being granted.