Executive decisions

Executive decisions are taken by the Executive Mayor and delegated decisions are taken by Portfolio Holders (executive members).

The majority of executive and delegated decisions are key decisions. All decisions need a written report which is produced by council officers. Before a decision is taken, the report needs to be circulated to all Mansfield district councillors to review.

Executive or delegated decisions since April 2023 are listed on our notice of key decisions page. For decisions before this date please see our pre-April 2023 notice of key decisions page

The public and non-executive members can ask questions of a Portfolio Holder or the Executive Mayor at the time that the decision is made. See our asking questions at meetings page.

All decisions require a public meeting and an agenda, which is published on our meetings, agendas and minutes page five days before the date of decision. The agenda contains reports produced by council officers that recommend proposals for a decision to be taken.