Committee decisions

Although the council has an Executive Mayor to oversee decision making, committees play an important role in the process.

Committees are made up of elected and non-elected members. Committee dates throughout the year are usually set out in the Annual Council meeting every May. Additional meetings are added as and when needed throughout the year.

See our calendar of meetings.

All committee members receive a meeting agenda at least five days before a meeting. It contains reports produced by council officers, which make recommendations for a course of action to be taken. The committee will then vote on the recommendation. In cases where report information is sensitive, this will be made exempt and not available to the public.

For committees to take place, there must be a minimum number of members attending a meeting. If the number of attendees are lower than the minimum, the meeting must be postponed and held on a date when enough members can attend.

Our committees section contains details of each of our committees.