Public Spaces Protection Order

The Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) is enacted under powers given by the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. PSPO's are designed to prevent antisocial behaviour in our communities such as issues on streets, parks, market places and retail parks. Mansfield's PSPO, prohibits certain types of acts which are antisocial and or of a nuisance nature including, smoking of any kind in children's play areas and cycling through the pedestrianised town centre. It also asks certain acts of the community such as dog owners having to ensure that they carry dog bags when out walking their dog and we can ask for them to prove this.

The Order which was enacted in August 2016, outlaws the use of and sale of certain drugs (formerly) known as legal highs, as well as other antisocial behaviour, including urinating, defecating or spitting in a public place. Under the PSPO the powers also enable authorised council and police staff to:

  • Disperse groups if they are causing (or are likely to cause) nuisance, alarm, harassment or distress to any other person in the town centre.
  • Order a person to dismount if they are cycling in the town centre.
  • Order a person to cease drinking or hand over alcohol if they are behaving in an antisocial manner.
  • Order a person to put a dog on a lead if the animal is causing or likely to cause a nuisance.

View the Public Spaces Protection Order (opens in a new window) [51MB]


The order runs out this month and before it can be renewed, the council must consult with the public about how well it has worked and if any adjustments are needed. 

An online survey runs until 31 August. Have your say on the PSPO Consultation (opens in new window).

Printed copies of the questionnaire are also available in local libraries, the Civic Centre, Warsop Town Hall, The Charity Shop in Ossington Close, Meden Vale, and at The Heath Centre at Fritchley Court on the Oak Tree Lane estate.

View the Public Spaces Protection Order 2019 draft (opens in new window) [23MB].

Can you cycle in town at present?

There are areas of the town where cycling is permitted, and cyclists can cycle through the pedestrianised areas, so long as it is before 10am or after 6pm. Authorised officers, including police, PCSOs, community safety officers and other authorised council employees are clamping down on antisocial behaviour and irresponsible cycling in the town centre making it safer for pedestrians and visitors to the town. They have the authority to ask a cyclist to dismount in the pedestrianised zone during the restricted times and if the cyclist does not comply they are committing an offence, which may result in a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice being issued.