Governance and Ethics Committee

The key roles of the Governance and Ethics Committee are:

  • To raise awareness of the need for internal control and the implementation of audit recommendations.
  • To reinforce the importance of internal and external audit.
  • To review the adequacy of the council's risk management framework.
  • To scrutinise the financial and non-financial performance and oversees the financial reporting process
  • To monitor the effectiveness and make recommendations regarding the constitution.

The committee reports directly to Full Council and meets every six weeks. See meetings, agendas and minutes for more information.

Members of the Governance and Ethics Committee

Councillor Fretwell was appointed Chair of the Committee for 2019/20 at the Annual Council on 21 May 2019. 

Members of this committee include:

  • Councillor L. Anderson – Conservative
  • Councillor B. Birchall - MIF
  • Councillor T. Hanstock – MIF
  • Councillor B. Lohan – Labour
  • Councillor A. Norman - Labour
  • Councillor D. Smith – MIF
  • Councillor R. Sutcliffe – MIF
  • Councillor A. Wetton - Labour
  • Plus two Independent non-elected members.

Governance and Ethics Committee decisions

See meetings, agendas and minutes for decisions made by the Governance and Ethics Committee.

Visit our Audit page for more details.