Street Collection Licence

A collection can only take place in a street or public place including any:

  • highway and public bridge
  • road
  • lane
  • footway
  • square
  • court
  • alley, or
  • passage.

Please be aware that house to house collections (including pub to pub) are regulated separately.

Apply for a licence

There is no fee for this application.

Apply for a Street Collection Licence

Contact us to book the date for the collection. In order to process your application in time, please submit your application and send us:

  • information about the charity or organisation
  • a letter of authority
  • copy of any contracts between you and them.

If a permit is granted, a Form of Statement (opens in a new window) must be returned to us within a month of the collection date. If you do not submit a form of statement, you may not be able to carry out any future collections.


Our policy for issuing permits is:

  • only charitable organisations be granted street collections permits.
  • each charity will only be allowed one collection date per year (unless the proceeds of the collection are donated to a number of different charities).
  • only one charity will be able to collect on any one day, in any one area.
  • charitable collections will only take place on a Saturday (unless it is for a large scale or nationally recognised event whereby the collection can be authorised to take place on a different day of the week).

We restrict the number of collections taking place to prevent charity collections clashing. Please view the regulations (opens in a new window) on this kind of permit.