Scrap Metal Licence

There are two types of scrap metal licences:

Site licence

A site licence only allows you to operate from a site and does not allow you to do door-to-door collections. You will be able to collect scrap metal from all over the country under this licence if the collection is a pre-arranged appointment.

A collector's licence 

A collector's licence allows you to carry out door-to-door collections. You will only be allowed to collect in the area where you are licensed. A separate licence will be required for every local authority area that you wish to operate in.

You can only hold one type of licence in a local authority's area but can hold a licence with more than one local authority.

The scrap metal licence does not replace any permit or licence required from the Environment Agency (opens in a new window).

Apply for a Scrap Metal Licence

Apply for a Scrap Metal Licence

Along with the application fee, you will need to send these supporting documents:

  • Basic criminal record check for everyone named on the application form and involved in the business ie all directors, partners, etc.
  • Copies of any relevant environment agency permits
  • Two passport photographs (collector's licence only).

In processing your application we will consult with various organisations including Nottinghamshire Police and Environment Agency. They are given 14 working days to object or comment about your application. You can expect to hear from us at the end of this 14 day period as to whether your application has been successful.

The licence (if granted) is valid for three years and allows the licence holder to operate within the boundaries of the issuing authority.

An application fee must be paid when you submit a new or renewal application:

Changes to a Scrap Metal Licence

Change of name on a Scrap Metal Licence          Vary a Scrap Metal Licence

An application fee must be paid when you submit a new or renewal application:


When assessing an application, we will review:

  • Whether the applicant or any site manager has been convicted of any relevant offence.
  • Any previous refusal for issue of or renewal of a scrap metal licence.
  • Any previous refusal for an environment permit or registration.
  • Any previous revocation of a scrap metal licence.
  • Whether the applicant has demonstrated that there will be adequate procedures to comply with the Act.

All of the above will apply to any director or any secretary of a company if the applicant is not an individual.

Application refusals

If we plan to refuse your application you will be given written notice of the proposed decision.

You will be given 14 days to inform us that you wish to appeal our proposal decision.

Legal requirements for licence holders

A scrap metal dealer must verify the identity, full name and address of the metal supplier and keep copies of proof of identification. In addition the dealer must keep records of:

  • the type and description of the metal(s) including weight and identifying marks
  • the date and time of receipt
  • the vehicle registration of any vehicle delivering the metal
  • copies of cheques used to pay for metal.

All records must be kept for three years.

The Act prohibits the payment of cash for scrap metal.

Public register

We inform the Environment Agency of each licence issued. The Environment Agency must keep and maintain a register of scrap metal licences issued in England.

See Environment Agency Register (opens in a new window).