Trade waste - frequently asked questions

Further information

Mansfield District Council operates a collection service for trade waste and recycling materials. We also operate a green sack service for businesses that produce only a small amount of trade waste. To discuss the options available please contact the trade waste officer at or by telephone on 01623 463092.

The management and disposal of trade waste and recycling materials is controlled by numerous sections of legislation and ensuring compliance can be quite difficult so please do not hesitate to also contact the trade waste officer who will be only too pleased to help and advise you. There is also a list of frequently asked questions which you may find useful.

What items are classed as commercial or trade waste?

Everything that is created through the normal day to day work environment that is thrown away (discarded) is `Trade Waste` ie

  • packaging from your lunch/discarded food
  • used teabags
  • discarded paperwork/cardboard
  • remnants of anything that is produced during the manufacture of goods or delivery of services
  • packaging that materials arrive in

How do I dispose of commercial or trade waste?

By contacting the trade waste officer by email at or by telephone on 01623 463092

My business produces recyclable material but as a responsible business owner I am concerned about the environment so I do not want to send my wastes to a landfill site, what can I do ?

For a low cost solution to this problem please contact the trade waste officer by e mail at or by telephone on 01623 463092 to discuss the Mansfield District Council recycling collection service for businesses

I have a small amount of trade waste, can I take it to the household waste and recycling centres?

No these facilities are provided by the Waste Disposal Authority specifically for household wastes. It is illegal to dispose of trade waste at these facilities.

I have a small amount of trade waste - how can I dispose of it?

Contact the trade waste officer for assistance and advice by email at or by telephone on 01623 463092.

All trade waste however small must be disposed in full compliance of the current waste regulations but for smaller amounts we operate the green trade waste sack service.

I only have a small amount of waste, can I burn it?

No, you will pollute the atmosphere breaching your duty of care, cause nuisance to your neighbours thus contravening the Environmental Protection Act and may cause dark smoke contravening Clean Air Act, contact the Environmental Health Department for further information on 01623 463189

I'm from a charity (schedule 2 waste) - how do I get rid of my waste?

Mansfield District Council will charge a charity shop a collection charge only to remove their waste. All other charities will be charged for the collection and disposal of waste. Contact the trade waste officer for assistance and advice on or call 01623 463092.

What is duty of care?

This duty is imposed by the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Sec 34). Each business has a legal responsibility to ensure that they produce, store, transport and dispose of their business waste without harming the environment. This is called the ‘duty of care’.

The duty of care has no time limit.  Businesses are specifically responsible for their waste from cradle to grave so businesses must:

  • store and transport their waste appropriately to prevent its escape, ensuring that the storage facilities are secure against the weather, vandalism, theft and accidental damage
  • check that their waste is transported and handled by people or businesses that are authorised to do so (a registered waste carrier)
  • complete waste transfer notes to document all waste that they transfer, and keep them as a record for at least two years for non hazardous wastes and for 3 years for hazardous wastes
  • ensure that the wastes are destined for and disposed of, at a licensed Facility

I met a man with a lorry who says he’ll move my waste for a few pounds, is that OK?

No. You will be in breach of your duty of care and if he fly-tips your waste you will be prosecuted and face a fine of up to £20,000. You must employ a licensed waste carrier, keep the waste transfer notes for two years and ensure that the waste is destined for a licensed waste disposal facility.

How can I dispose of commercial clinical waste?

You would need to contact an authorised private contractor to arrange the collection of clinical wastes from business premises.

Do any of my commercial rates payments cover the collection and disposal costs of my waste?

No, commercial rates collected by the local authority does not include payment for trade waste collection and disposal as there is no provision for this service within your business rates. Household refuse collections are included in the domestic council tax as the amount of refuse produced by domestic properties is broadly proportionate to the size of the property whereas this is not the case in respect of business premises.

Have I got the right waste disposal arrangements?

Have you got the right sized wheel bin? Do you regularly have too much rubbish for your bins? Are your bins only half full? Do you need a wheeled bin instead of sacks? Could I recycle my waste instead of sending it to landfill? To rectify any of these issues please contact the trade waste officer to discuss the options by email at or by telephone on 01623 463092.

What if the bin gets lost, stolen or damaged?

As part of your “Duty of Care” it is your responsibility to look after your bin and to provide appropriate insurance to cover loss damage or any third party risks. Bins sometimes go missing and are more often than not found somewhere nearby but they are seldom stolen, once again you will need to contact the trade waste officer in the event of the above issues by email at or by telephone on 01623 463092.

Can I put anything in the bin?

No you can only place non hazardous dry lightweight compactable waste in your general trade waste container. Liquid wastes or hazardous wastes are subject to stricter controls via the Hazardous Waste Regulations. If you are unsure whether your waste stream is hazardous or non hazardous please contact the trade waste officer for advice.

What happens if I just leave my refuse out and hope the Council takes it away?

Mansfield District Council operate a zero tolerance policy so investigations will be carried out by the local authority enforcement officers to identify the originator of the waste. Once the business has been identified the business will be prosecuted for fly tipping.

Can I put my trade waste in the street litter bins?

No it is unlawful to put trade or commercial waste in street litter bins and offenders face prosecution in line with the zero tolerance policy.