General waste - green bin

What to put in your green bin

  • packaging, polystyrene and food trays
  • bagged food waste
  • used kitchen roll and tissue
  • bagged disposable nappies and sanitary products
  • cool ashes from fires
  • bagged animal or pet waste
  • textiles and plastics (although you may be able to recycle these a clothing banks and recycling centres)

You can recycle plastic bottles, yoghurt pots, paper, cardboard and food and drink cans in your blue recycling bin. Do not put recyclable materials in your green bin.

Garden waste including grass cuttings, plants, weeds, leaves, twigs and small branches can be recycled in one of our brown bins if you subscribe to our garden waste service. Do not put garden waste in your green bin.

Unwanted paint and empty paint tins can be taken to your local tip (opens in new window) along with rubble, soil and concrete.