Clinical waste

What service do you provide?

We can collect dressings, pads and needles (sharps) free of charge from your property.

Do I need to do anything before requesting a collection?

We need authorisation from your doctor or healthcare professional to collect any medical waste from your property. You will need them to ask them to complete a healthcare waste referral form which tells us if your waste is infectious or non-infectious.

Please note: Needles are classed as infectious waste, they do not require a healthcare waste referral form.

We will collect infectious waste from your property. Non-infectious waste can be bagged and placed in your green bin with general waste. Customers who produce large amounts of non-infectious waste may be eligible for an additional green bin but you’ll need to fill in the Healthcare Waste Referral Form.

How is clinical waste collected?

We no longer provide clinical waste containers. If you do require one then please get in touch with your local surgery.

We collect sharps boxes and yellow bags on Tuesdays or Wednesday. Items must be clearly visible and in an easily accessible place outside of your property.
Please tell the Customer Services Advisor when you call where the items will be located.            
Sharps boxes must not be placed in carrier bags.    

I live in a residential care home, can you still collect?

No, we don't collect from residential homes or day nurseries. You should talk to the manager of the property if you need this service.

Arranging a clinical waste collection

You can return the completed Healthcare Waste Referral Form or you can call us on 01623 463463 and speak to a customer adviser. 

If required we will send you the Healthcare Waste Referral Form. 

Arranging a Sharps container collection

You can complete our online Sharps collection request form to arrange a collection of a Sharps box.

Unused packaged needles

If you have any unused needles/sharps, these can be placed in their packaging in the green general waste bin only. Please do not place them in your blue recycling bin.