Change of circumstances

If you're receiving Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction you must report any changes in circumstances for you, your partner, any dependant children or non-dependants who live with you as soon as they occur.

You will need to notify us of changes such as:

  • change of address (if moving to a privately rented property, you can download a form),
  • change in any income,
  • change to the amount of your capital,
  • change in number of people who live in your house, even if temporary,
  • if your rent changes (private tenant only).

This list doesn’t cover everything. If you don't know if a change in your circumstances will alter your benefit, please check with us.

If you delay telling us about a change and your benefit goes up, you could lose money.

Reporting a change in circumstances

You will need to write to us to advise of the changes. However, if you are unable to do this we may be able to accept notification of the change via email or in exceptional cases over the phone.

If you do phone us to ask for advice regarding a change the member of staff will take the details from you and also advise you what else you will need to do.

Moving to a privately rented property

Download form

Please only use this form if you already receive both Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction for an address you rent from the Council or a Private Landlord and you have just moved into a privately rented property.