Customer Service Standards

Our customer service standards tell you what you should expect when you contact us.

Whenever you contact us we will:

  • Treat you fairly, honestly, and in a polite and courteous manner help you to access our services, providing information when you need it and in a way you understand identify ourselves and give our name keep your personal information secure and maintain confidentiality use your comments or complaints to improve standards to our services.

If you visit our website we will:

  • Make our website accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. if we know there is a problem we will let you know.
  • Ensure the information provided is clear, up to date and easy to use if you raise an issue with us using your account on the website we will respond to you within one working day.

If you contact us through social media we will:

  • If you raise an issue with us we will aim to respond within one working day. If further investigations are needed, we will notify you of when you can expect a full response.

If you telephone us we will:

  • Aim to answer your call within 30 seconds in the Contact Centre answer 90% of all calls to us aim to give you a full response when you call or if the person who answers cannot help, they will take responsibility to forward your enquiry to someone who can.

If you visit us we will:

  • Aim to see you within 10 minutes provide a confidential area to meet with you if required.

If we visit you we will:

  • Always wear our identity badge and give you our name explain the reason for the visit.

If you email us we will:

  • Provide an acknowledgment within one working day and aim provide a full response within 5 working days or let you know if this will take longer.


In return we ask you to:

  • Treat our staff with courtesy and respect give us your views and suggestions to help us improve ours services give us the information we need to help you and let us know if it changes.