We offer highly effective and competitively priced advertising rates for our publications and locations around the district that can help you reach thousands of people.

These prices will be in affect from 1 April 2020. Please note that all prices are exclusive of VAT.

My Mansfield

The My Mansfield magazine features a range of local news and information on council services and partner organisations. 50,000 copies of each edition are distributed to homes, leisure centres, community centres and shopping centres across the district in March, June or July, September and November. Previous issues are on our Council magazine page.

Public and voluntary sector rates 
Full page - £716.32
Half page - £389.11
Quarter page - £221.09

Private sector rates
Full page - £883.46
Half page - £539.45
Quarter page - £322.78


Contact is a 16-page magazine delivered direct to the homes of our 6,000 tenants in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Previous issues can be found on our tenant magazine page.

Public and voluntary sector rates
Full page - £383.80
Half page - £275.91
Quarter page - £137.96

Private sector rates
Full page - £497
Half page - £386.46
Quarter page - £248.50

Block booking packages are negotiable.

Mansfield town centre banners and poster points

Unfortunately it is not longer possible to place banner advertisements on Walkden Street Car park or the Old Town Hall balcony.

Mansfield town centre poster point

Public and voluntary sector 
£44.22 per calendar month

Private sector
£53.06 per calendar month

(Situated near the Stockwell Gate entrance of the Four Seasons Shopping Centre)

Civic centre information screens

Some 30,000 customers flow through our reception and benefits desk each year. Messages can be delivered via a flat screen to a captive audience.

Public and voluntary sector
£83.13 per calendar month

Private sector
£137.96 per calendar month

Digital Screen on West Gate

Approx 7ft x 3ft digital display board which shows adverts in a prime location on West Gate, Mansfield town centre outside Primark.

The advert will run on a slide show of up to a maximum of 50 different adverts that are on screen for 15 seconds at a time. Your message will be broadcast as a maximum of every 12.5 minutes and during the busiest shopping period of 11am to 4pm, it will have the opportunity to be viewed 62 times a day, or 434 times a week.

You pay for just five hours of advertising a day, but your advert will appear 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Price: £45.15 per week

If you would like artwork creating, we will supply a basic design with maximum two amends for £30.

Minimum advertising period of one week.

Artwork must be created to the design specification (1080 x 1920 pixels, JPEG, no bigger than 1MB and maximum 96 dpi) and supplied to the Marketing and Communications team at