Artist Development

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Supporting creative talent

"Everyone can be creative, and each of us has the potential to develop our creativity further"

( "Let's Create", Arts Council England, 2020) 

We know their is a wealth of creative talent on our doorsteps and we want to help individuals and groups develop thriving creative careers, businesses and activities across Mansfield.  Find out more about how we are supporting creative talent grow through our programme.

Our Aims

Through supporting a wide range of artists and creatives we want to achieve:

  1. Mansfield and district is seen as a place where creatives can have a productive experience and help develop successful careers.
  2. Mansfield and district is seen as part of a wider cultural landscape; locally, regionally, nationally, internationally.
  3. Mansfield and district residents have an opportunity to shape, participate in, and view new creative work
  4. Mansfield and district residents have an opportunity to be inspired by new creative work and can also develop their own creative skills.
  5. We generate additional external investment into Mansfield and district.
  6. We support work made with Mansfield and district at its heart. For example, work that is made in, about, with or for Mansfield and district communities.

Read our full  Artist Development Guidance


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Associate Artists

Across a range of different artforms were working with some amazing artists to help bring the buzz of the creative industries to life. 


A Relevant Collection

Our Museum collection is an inspirational resource for creatives. Find out more about how we are working with creatives to interpret our collection.  


Early Career Artists

We know starting careers in the creative sector can be full of challenges. We want to support creatives at the start of their careers to learn, grow and develop their practice. 

Animator Sophie Johnson-Hill

Advice Sessions

Do you have a creative project you want to develop? We can offer advice on your next steps. Book a chat with one of our team. 

Drop us a line and we'll work something out: 

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Space to Work

Finding the right space and time to develop your work as a creative can be difficult. We have a number of spaces across our venues that can be used for rehearsal, research and development, workshops and flexible working. Find out more here.